The Major Tools Used In PPC Marketing

The Major Tools Used In PPC Marketing

If you’re a beginner in PPC marketing, you might be interested in learning more about the major tools used by PPC agencies in Toronto. These tools can help you make the most of your online advertising campaign, and will help you target the right customers for your products or services. They also offer insights into how users are responding to your ads and how you can change your settings to maximize your results. These tools provide a single dashboard for all your performance metrics, which allows you to see how your ads are performing.

Google Ads:

A variety of tools are available to help you manage your Google Ads campaign. These tools can assist you with many different steps, such as keyword research, budget estimation, and landing page optimization. Keyword research is an essential step to launching a successful PPC campaign. Keywords can be tricky to find, so PPC tools can make this process easier and save you time.


You can use Ahrefs to analyze your website’s backlinks and find the best-performing ads. The program provides a detailed technical analysis of all pages, including a list of names that rank for similar terms. Its flexible pricing makes it easy for even a small business to use. And the price is right – it is priced affordably for any type of business.

Bing Ads Editor:

The Bing Ads Editor is a powerful tool that helps you manage all aspects of your PPC ad campaign. It imports data from Google, allows you to manage multiple accounts, and syncs your campaigns offline. It also offers advanced reporting and optimization suggestions. There are free trial versions of Bing Ads Editor available, but if you’re interested in optimizing your campaigns, you should consider paying for a premium plan.


There are numerous benefits to using Helium 10 in PPC marketing. For instance, it automatically harvests relevant keywords for your campaign based on search terms. ADS also suggests bids for those keywords based on their specifications. This tool is particularly useful for PPC campaigns. It allows you to track unlimited keywords, although subscriptions default to 2500 KWs. Using filters, you can narrow down your search to only the keywords that are most relevant to your business.

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