4 Remarkable tips for completing a short essay about social issues

There are many social concepts learnt in school and students are supposed to understand all the theories and at some point come up with essay topics on social issues. These topics revolve around such things as social changes, psychology, anthropology, communal ideas, theories, and philosophies. These subjects require serious studies and patience.

  • Essential elements
    • Powerful topic
    • Wide scope
    • Good structure
    • Firm thesis
  • Examples of social issues essay topics
    1. Impacts of drug abuse on family bonds
    2. Gambling problems and socio-economic needs of children
    3. Pornography and incest
    4. How the society has evolved from hardships
    5. Do curfews to minors help with juvenile delinquencies and pre-marital sex?
    6. Online crimes
    7. Dynamism of social values
    8. Does death penalty revival reduce crime rate?
    9. The imposition of speed limits on vehicles to curb road accidents
    10. How smoking and drugs help depressed individuals
    11. Continuing education to improve the political structures of a nation
    12. How co-parenting undermines emotional development of minors
  • Plan for a great introduction
    Begin the introduction by composing a statement that elaborates your subject and another that represents the big picture of your study. This will serve as your thesis. Next statement should explain your own ideas and conclusions. Then, lay out the sequence of information that readers should expect throughout the paper. Note that an introduction serves as a microcosm of the entire work hence every subject tackled in your paragraph must be introduced.
  • Apply sociological theories
    These theories will let the readers know that you understand the world better. Be bold enough to challenge particular hypotheses made by other writers and relate your arguments to the current state of the society. Exhibiting independent insights and points of view regarding the existing philosophies shows that you have done thorough research and understood what you’ve learn in class. You must be able to look at sociology from an out-of-the-box view. Perhaps your circumstances provide a special perception on the issue you are discussing hence you can produce an inspirational paper.
  • Expand the subjects
    From your thesis statement in the introduction, find a way to magnify the main points in different paragraphs. A paragraph should cover a single subject. Be original as you devise social theories and evaluate societal trends which predicate problems. Note that you can come up with a theory that will help the contemporary society.

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