Essay Conclusion Paragraph Transitions Suggested by a Former Student

The basic units of an essay are paragraphs, each of them representing a certain idea: to introduce the topic, to evaluate, to give facts, to conclude, etc. But for achieving good cohesion and coherence of the essay dividing ideas into paragraphs isn’t enough, which is why it’s customary to use logical transitions between them.

Conclusion paragraph transitions are particularly interesting. The main aims of the conclusion paragraph are notifying the reader that the work is reaching the end, summing up everything written in the main body, and calling for action if necessary. It’s essential for the work to have an appropriate transition to the conclusion.

Main Essay Conclusion Transitions

  1. Transition words.
  2. You may use “finally”, “lastly”, “eventually”, etc. as the first word of your conclusion. Choose according to the tone and the goal of your work and this particular paragraph.

  3. Transition phrases.
  4. “To conclude”, “in conclusion”, “to sum up”, etc. may be used for the transition not to sound too brief. More possible variants are “as was previously stated”, “as it has been mentioned/noted”, etc., after which a brief thesis of your work must be noted.

  5. Conceptual repetition links.
  6. Repetition links are the words that connect the sentence with the previous one. This will help you to soothe the transition from the main body to the conclusion.

Suggestions On Applying Transitions

  • Be original.
  • If the type of your work allows, try something original. It’s not mandatory to use “in conclusion” as the main transition. Try combining repetition links and transition phrases to make the reader finish the paragraph at once. For example, using “for all we know” and similar expressions will give your work a fresh note.

  • Mind the style.
  • There are different types of papers, and not all transitions might be suitable for certain types. Mind the style of writing and the aim of your conclusion paragraph. For instance, something, like “well, all in all I think that…”, won’t be suitable for a serious topic that didn’t require your evaluation and had to be described using scientific style.

  • Remember the balance.
  • Cohesion and coherence of any text deeply depend on the transitions you use. However, using too many transition words and phrases won’t make your work better. On the contrary, this will make it look unnatural.

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