4 Secrets of Composing a Good Argumentative Essay on Gay Marriage

In an argumentative essay assignment you are asked to present an original persuasive argument on a topic with the goal of presenting the case for why one side of an issue is more correct than it’s opposite. Regardless of your specific topic concerning an essay on gay marriage, these four secrets will help you compose a winning essay:

Select a great topic and take notes

Brainstorm several ideas, always keeping in mind not too choose something that may be too narrow or too broad for you to handle comfortably. Conduct both a background search online for keywords and information on your topic, and then follow up with an-depth search for resources at the library. Make sure you take detailed notes to provide supporting evidence for your argument.

Organize your argument in an outline

After gathering your research notes it’s time to organize them into a working outline to use as you write your first draft. Generally, you want to limit your body paragraphs to your three best ideas and the ones in which can be supported with the strongest evidence. Your outline should be structured in an efficient and logical manner so that the reader will easily understand what it is you are arguing for. Be sure to draft a thesis statement to help guide the direction of your argument essay.

Compose your first essay draft quickly

Now it’s time to start writing the first draft. There are a number of different approaches to the first draft, but none is more effective than quick and efficient writing. What is meant by this is that you should aim to get all of your ideas down – using your outline for guidance – in a single sitting. Don’t break your rhythm or momentum by stopping to make corrections. You will have a lot of opportunities to do this at later stages of the writing process.

Revise, edit and proofread the final draft

Step away from your essay for at least a few hours before coming back to revise, edit and proofread the work. This will allow you to evaluate your first draft with a fresh perspective and will increase the likelihood of finding areas in the text that could use improvement. Make sure you check for all the small mistakes you are likely to have made in the first draft. Errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation can cost you letter grade or more.

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