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5 Hints to Write an Excellent Essay

Writing for school is never an easy task. Even if the student is an amazing writer, they may not be interested in the topic that the teacher gives them. With stress, deadlines and writing requirements added into the mix, writing for school can be a challenging activity. In order to get a top grade on a school essay, students should make sure to use the following five tips.

Read Through Examples

Examples are one of the best ways for student's to learn what will be expected in their writing. They should find an example that is about a similar subject and take time to notice how the writer built their argument. The student will want to highlight the topic sentences of each paragraph and the thesis statement in the introduction. As the student looks at these sentences, they should consider how the writer strove to build their argument and how they used research to support their case. By reading through example essays carefully, students can become better writers. If an academic writing example is not available, students can always start by reading articles in the opinion section of the newspaper.

Read Through the Writing Prompt

The teacher has a clear idea about what they expect from the students writing. To express this idea, the teacher will design a writing prompt that students are expected to follow. In the prompt, the teacher will generally discuss the topics, writing styles and length that will be expected. Before writing, students should read through the prompt to make sure that they are doing their assignment correctly. The writing prompt should also be read again when the writing process is over to ensure that the student has not unintentionally strayed from the original topic.

Track Research Materials

Most teachers will require students to include a bibliography at the end of their writing. To make this easier, students should write down all of the source information for every book that they use during the research process. As the student writes down new quotes or data, they should jot down the page number and source next to it. By doing this, the student can make sure that they have all of the information ready when it is time to create the footnotes and the bibliography.

Build a Strong Vocabulary

Over the long term, a vocabulary will be one of the key ways that students can become better writers. It is always better to use one word rather than two words or a phrase, and a good vocabulary will help the student to have concise writing. In addition, it will display the students natural intelligence and make the argument more persuasive for the reader. To build a strong vocabulary, students can start by:

  • Read constantly
  • When reading, look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary and write them down
  • Start a vocabulary book to track new words and review them
  • Subscribe to a “word of the day” app or e-mail to get new vocabulary words each day
  • Use a thesaurus for common or overused words
  • Study a vocabulary book
  • Learn Latin and Greek root words to make understanding vocabulary words easier

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